B508 Snap-ApartTM: PitchSticksTM Metric Plus


  • The immediate solution to a variety of problems caused by fine-pitch parts.
  • Good for many IC's, connectors, displays, or anything with a fine pitch.

Snaps Apart into ten pieces like these:

Twenty 48-pad pitch patterns front/back, on ten Snap-ApartTM elements.


2 each, 2mm pad pitch (approx. 78.74 mil)
2 each, 70 mil pad pitch (exactly 1.778mm)
2 each, 1.5mm pad pitch (approx. 59.06 mil)
2 each, 1mm pad pitch (approx. 39.37 mil)
2 each, .8mm pad pitch (approx. 31.50 mil)
2 each, 30 mil pad pitch (exactly .762mm)
2 each, .75mm pad pitch (approx. 29.53 mil)
2 each, .65mm pad pitch (approx. 25.59 mil)
2 each, .5mm pad pitch (approx. 19.69 mil)
2 each, .4mm pad pitch (approx. 15.75 mil)
Note: larger elements can be made into smaller ones with a sharp pair of cutters.

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