Engineering Services           

* * * Please note: at this time we are not taking on any more clients. * * *

We have a staff of only three technical employees; all are fully occupied for the foreseeable future.

For a very rough, general overview of company capabilities, here is a brief list.
Some items are fairly old (for instance Protel) but are listed for background and reference. 

    ACAD.  Solidworks.  Protel.  Mentor Graphics Design Capture / Ultra Expedition.  Labview.  Mathcad.  3D printing.

    8051. 6800. 68k. PIC. ST. ARM.  Architecture & firmware.

    C. C++. C#. Java. Basic. Pascal. Python.  A few decades worth of assembly languages. vi.

    DSP. Control systems. Digital communications design.  Automotive powertrain firmware / electronics design.
    Closed Loop Magnetometers. MEMS Accelerometers, Gyro's.  Kalman filters.  PID controllers.  GPS / NMEA 0183. 
    RF signal transmission & antenna optimisation.  Digital data transmission design up to ~ 2 GHz bandwidth.

    iOS developer.
XCode. Unity 4 licence owner. Android developer.  Subversion.  Github user / repository subscriber.

    Basic cloudserver CentOS setups.
Virtualbox. SQL.  Minecraft server setup (just for fun).

    Also: the usual business office software, Photoshop, CSS website creation (unlike this site, which is pretty basic)

    Decades of successful experience with both US manufacturing and Offshore manufacturing, as appropriate to need.

    SBIR (successful) grant writing.  Successful in small business continuously, since founding in 2001.

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