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P513 Snap-ApartTM: Small SMT

$59.95 USD    


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            40 pin Straight header strip, .100", Qty (6)

     Data Sheet:    
513.pdf    Print this data sheet at 1:1 scale to check IC's, pads.


We designed this one to make your technical life significantly easier for a long, long time.
Literally 300 tiny patterns, occupying both sides of 150 pieces.
Front Back
  Pattern ...or, ...or, ...or,   Pattern ...or, ...or, ...or,
10 each, SC75A SC90       SOT23 TO236    
10 each, SOT23 TO236 SOT143 TO263
10 each, SOT323 SC70 SC75A SC90
10 each, SOT143 TO253 SC75A SC90
20 each, SOT363 SC88 SOT353,
SOT26 SC74 SOT25, SOT23 SC74A,
20 each, SOT26 SC74 SOT25, SOT23 SC74A,
SOT363 SC88 SOT353,
20 each, TSOP8 TSOP6 805 pads (x4)
25 each, MSOP8  Note 1 MSOP10  Note 1
25 each, MSOP10  Note 1 MSOP8  Note 1

Note 1: MSOP8 at .65mm pitch and MSOP10 at .5mm pitch can be useful for matching
manufacturer-specific package names that arise from time to time.

Note 2:  There are fifty (50) MSOP 8's -or- fifty (50) MSOP 10's, depending upon which sides of the
Snap Apart adapters you use. 


  B513 (board only, no pin strips included) available from:
North America: Jameco: part number  227344
  Mouser: part number  853-B513
Australia / New Zealand: Enter product code PB-8913 at  Electus Distribution
Need more information?  Call (714) 630-8024 8:30am - 5:00pm Pacific time, or sales@beldynsys.com.